Friday, 31 August 2012

I'm back! Sorry about the delay :/

Hi everybody :)

I know it has been ages since i have posted on this, I apologise. I have been extremely busy with work and getting ready for college.

Got my leaving cert results back, am delighted with them. I got 540 points which was more than enough for the course i wanted. I am now going to become a primary school teacher :)

I will continue posting notes etc up here so that hopefully you too can be successful in your exams and get the points for the course you desire to do.

If you have any questions or suggestions or are looking for notes on a particular topic don't hesitate to ask I am more than happy to help if I can.

I have Irish verb notes here I am going to post in a few minutes, other stuff will be up in the next few weeks.

Bye for now,



  1. do you have any good history essays and any good tips for studying in general ?

  2. Hi, i already have two history essays up, one on how dictators used propaganda and terror, and another on winston churchill, i do have some more here and i will try my best to get them up in the next 2 weeks :)Hope they will be of some help to you :)