Monday, 26 August 2013

Home Economics - Factors that affect food choice

Factors that affect food choice:

·        Culture – different countries/religions have their own eating patterns
o   E.g. Italian food, Jews don’t eat pig meat.

·        Availability – Different foods more available at different times of the year.
o   E.g. brussel sprouts at Christmas,
o   Canned and frozen foods makes more foods available all year round.

·        Nutritional Awareness – today people more health conscious. Read food labels, choosing healthier options. Television and subjects like Home Ec. and SPHE, make people more aware of nutrition.

·        Sensory Aspects – Our senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, have major impact. Expectations of flavour, colour, texture temperature appearance. Colour and design of packaging, instant appeal, food should look fresh wholesome and attractive.

·        A person’s eating habits – busy lifestyles, increase in fast food and convince foods. Type and hours of work influence meal times and food choices.

·        Marketing and advertising – advertising aims to increase awareness of a product, TV, radio, magazines. Marketing influences food choice with supermarket layouts, promotions and tastings.

·        Cost – your Budget influences choices. Lower socio-economic group will have fewer luxuries. Higher income more money spent eating out and travelling abroad which influences food choices

·        Health status – special dietary needs eg high cholesterol – low fat products, coelaics – gluten free products

CAN SAM Cook Healthy

It is highly unlikely you would be expected to write all of these in an exam, however, I would still recommend trying to know them as they may be incorporated into other answers or they may give you some of them and expect you to give other ones.  

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  1. can you get me notes on fish,eggs, lipids, vitamins and minerals for home economics for leaving cert