Saturday, 20 September 2014

Leaving Cert Regional Geography

The next few posts I put up are going to be sample essays for Leaving Cert Regional Geography.

The regional Geography section is divided up into different types of regional and these are the regions I have studied:

Peripheral Irish Region - Western Region
Urban Irish Region - Dublin Region
Peripheral non-Irish, European Region - Mezzogiorno
Urban non-Irish, European Region - Paris Basin
Continental/Sub-continental Region - India

I will put up a number of essays on each one relating to:
  • The physical Landscape 
  • Primary economic activities
  • secondary economic activities
  • tertiary economic activities
  • culture in the region
  • social problems 
  • growth of a region 
  • and some more

I will not have an essay on each one of these but I will have them on enough to cover you for example culture in a European region can be answered on either Paris or Italy so i might just have put up one. 
There are other regions which will answer these questions but these are the ones I have studied. 

The way geography essay questions are marked is with SRPs. there are 30 marks for an essay question. SRP is specific, relevant, point. This means you get one SRP for each piece of new, relevant information. At higher level each SRP is worth 2 marks so these for you need to write 30 SRPS. At ordinary level each is worth 3 marks so you need to write 10 SRPS. There is no point writing pages of answers that is waffle and repeating information over and over and putting in things that are not relevant because they will not count. When you have written an essay answer read through it marking each sentence which you think is an SRP and count how many you have. 

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