Sunday, 20 January 2013

Stop internet distractions when studying...

Trying to study but keep getting distracted by facebook, twitter, youtube, etc etc etc?
Download cold turkey! It is a program that allows you to block websites on your computer for what ever length of time you want. So for example you could get it to just block facebook for 2 hours, or block 10 sites for 20 hours, its up to you, but it really helps to prevent you from getting distracted, especially if you are using your computer for studying.


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  2. This is exactly what I need! I'm hoping to download it but a little sceptical, is it safe to download? Is there any affect on any other websites/internet access?

  3. It allows you to choose which websites you want to block, and for how long you want them blocked, so you could choose to block facebook and twitter only for 2 hours, or facebook, twitter, youtube, hotmail, anythign else you want for 5 hours, completely up to you.
    I have found it works exactly like that and havent had any problems with it :)