Thursday, 11 April 2013

I'm back... & Next few posts...

Sorry about the delay, i have been on teachign practice in college so have been crazy busy!! I am back now and should be blogging a lot more on this which will hopefully help coming up to exams :)

My next few posts are going to deal mainly with Irish grammar.
Yes i know, nobody likes Irish grammar! however if you want to get a high mark, especially in honours Irish, you need to know some of it. This is mainly for the essay writing but will be beneficial for everything. If you can write an essay with very little mistakes you are almost guaranteed a good grade, and yes, it is very possible to write on with the grammar perfect you just have to learn the rules.

So over the next few posts i will be concentrating on different parts of grammar. It would take months if i was to go through everything, i dont even know everything there is to learn about it, but i will go through some of the basics that will hopefully be of some help :)

If there is any other parts of irish grammar you are unsure about of want me to post just comment or message me.
Also any questions on anything to do with other subjects, or even just the exams in general of cao or college of anything, just ask, ill try help :)

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